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Financing Options

Our residential solar energy systems in Minnesota are designed to provide optimal payback and a generous ROI. We make it easy by working out the best funding option for your project.

Accessible Residential Solar Panels solutions in Minnesota

Minnesota’s solar energy system can significantly reduce home energy use and generate an income stream for many homeowners. If your roof, garden, or garage has a sunny spot all year round, you might generate electricity with a solar system. Solar power is an affordable way toward energy self-sufficiency.

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Solar Panel Installation for Your Home in Minnesota

RAR Energy has your complete trust for a full-service renewable energy partner with years of combined experience in installing home solar panels in MN.

We complete the entire project and manage all project details, including the connection to the home electrical system and the utility grid. This connection allows surplus energy to be sold to utilities through a process of net metering. RAR Energy is a Minnesota solar installer for residential solar energy solutions. We are a fully certified and licensed residential solar panel supplier known for our thoroughness, care, reliability, expertise, and resourcefulness. We are here to help you find specific financial incentives for your neighbourhood. Save money upfront by taking advantage of tax rebates and special solar financing. The system can give you a quick ROI for lasting savings. Whether installed on the roof of your home or on the ground, a Minnesota solar power system adds value to your home and contributes to a more sustainable future. At RAR Energy, you can expect outstanding results at every stage of your Minnesota residential solar project. Installing a solar system in your home is an ethical and environmentally friendly decision. Even better, you’ll get huge savings. Customize a solar solution for your home with RAR Energy!

Energy Backup

Make sure to power up before the sun goes down. Innovative energy storage devices such as batteries and backup systems play a key role in developing sustainable and resilient power systems. Our success is due to our know-how and creativity as well as thoroughness, diligence, and integrity. Our core value is to treat every customer the way we want to be treated. Always prioritize your energy goals and needs.

RAR Energy’s customers also appreciate our transparency. Our team of solar experts will walk you through your project step-by-step. From the beginning, we listen. We consider your specific needs and goals, sun exposure, property and roof type, economic feasibility, energy consumption, possible discounts, and more. Together we make the right decisions for your home.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We have successfully completed thousands of residential projects as a trusted Minnesota solar panel installer since our inception. Our team strongly believes in innovation for clean energy. We are committed to helping people integrate renewable energy solutions to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, reduce our carbon footprint and save money and create a sustainable future for the planet. Solar is powered by the sun and thus completely profitable. Join thousands of homeowners throughout Minnesota to experience the environmental and economic benefits of solar energy with them!

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Thank You for Choosing Us above Other Solar Companies in Minnesota!

The credit goes to our loyal customers, years of experience, and dedication to providing renewable energy solutions. We are proud to be named one of the best solar companies in MN. Minnesotan’s support from around the world is our only motivation. We are looking forward to switching to more sustainable practices by providing the best possible service.