RAR Energy

About Us

At Reliable and Renewable Energy, we’re on a mission to enable everyone to get clean, affordable, and reliable energy from the sun.
Complete Commercial And Residential Solar Systems

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural solar energy solutions.

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We can help you fulfill your energy needs by providing the greatest quality product and service, whether you need solar electricity for your home, business, or farm.

Climate change is clear from the fact that extreme weather events are happening more often and sea levels are rising. About 850 million people still don’t have access to power, which is a basic need for long-term growth.



We're harnessing solar energy to make your life easier, lower your energy bills, and help the environment.

Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!

We believe that going solar should be simple and straightforward.

We use the highest quality equipment and deliver exceptional service for every installation.

We go above and beyond to meet and exceed every customer's expectations. If there's an issue, we'll fix it.

We all pitch in, do our part as a team, and always answer our phones.

Every day, we come to work eager to make the world a better place than we found it.

We are truthful and open in our dealings. You can always count on us to say it how it is.

We follow the golden rule, prioritizing our customers' needs over our own, and treating our customers and coworkers like family.

Reliable and Renewable Energy enables households, businesses, and farms to own their power instead of renting it from the power company.

Our years of experience in the RAR industry allow us to offer comprehensive material sourcing, financing, and supply chain services at all stages!