From agricultural to commercial and residential solar power, Reliable and Renewable Energy can help you meet your energy needs by providing the greatest quality product and service possible.
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Go solar with easy financing options available for Minnesota homes and businesses


Go solar with detailed and accurate estimates for solar panel installation in Minnesota


Go solar with 25 years warranty and free solar monitoring program for solar panels in Minnesota

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RAR Energy is recognized for designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels by commercial and residential owners among reliable solar companies in Minnesota. We strive to maximize secure and clean energy resources to increase your asset worth and ROI and reduce costs. Switching to environmentally friendly energy options was never this easy and affordable with other MN solar companies.

Our comprehensive and integrated clean energy system is designed to transform MN with solar panel installation as per your needs. Our vision is a solar panel-powered MN with reduced dependence on exhausting energy resources and a healthy planet. With the reputation of completing thousands of projects with the best options for financing, discounts, and returns for your solar energy system, we look forward to a brighter Minnesota with solar energy.

We Are Committed To Sustainability, Savings, Long-Term Growth, And A Healthier Planet

RAR Energy has got your back from a consultation on a design concept to dependable operation and maintenance services. Our turnkey solar-powered solution includes engineering, procurement, and construction with a proactive approach to potential issues and their resolutions.
Going solar is once in a lifetime experience. The years of dependable experience in the solar energy industry has helped us to refine the whole process to deliver high-quality product and results.

Residential Solar Installation Minnesota

RAR Energy offers comprehensive customized clean solar energy systems installation and maintenance services for residential energy-efficient lighting solutions throughout Minnesota.

Commercial Solar Installation Minnesota

We continually strive to cut expenses and boost profit margins in the business. Solar power, a distributive power generation method, is an excellent way to reduce utility demand during peak energy consumption.

Agriculture Solar Installation Minnesota

RAR Energy offers comprehensive customized clean solar energy systems installation and maintenance services for agricultural energy-efficient lighting solutions throughout Minnesota.

Solar Made Easy

Streamlined Process With Clear Communication, Transparency, And Respect

Free Consultation

We start with conducting a site survey, evaluating existing technology, and identifying system problems and areas for improvement. It helps you to consider your final choice of solar panel, including size, performance, type, and aesthetics.

Free Solar Audit

We complete the documentation of existing equipment and review bills to identify energy savings opportunities with a computer-aided design program and create a detailed schematic of what the solar system will look like.


We identify appropriate energy storage and battery backup options and lighting projected energy savings with 90% accuracy, applicable tax benefits, and rebate and subsidy opportunities at all levels (local, state, and federal).


We design and program system control and monitoring, obtain permits and manage projects to go live with the system with solar audits.


We test and optimize system functionality and monitor usage on a monthly basis. In fact, we provide production and consumption monitors to evaluate the performance of the pulse of your solar system.

Operation and Maintenance

Our services are bounded by support agreements to protect your investment and maximize your return on investment.
If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team, or you can call us any time 612-430-7640


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Reduce Your Energy Costs With Reliable And Renewable Energy

Our company is committed to offering the best customer service and solar power solutions in the market. We offer dependable and cutting-edge energy solutions that assist you in becoming less reliant on the primary energy grid. Our primary goal of lowering your power expenses and carbon footprint.

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