Power Your Business with Commercial Solar Systems In Minnesota

Increase ROI for up to 25 years, avail immediate tax advantages, and attain corporate sustainability with our comprehensive customized clean solar energy systems installation and maintenance services.
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Begin your journey to go Solar with us!

See how much money you could save by going solar!

EPC Service

We are EPC provider serving Minnesota with high-quality commercial solar solutions.


Our nationwide operation and maintenance services cover commercial solar energy systems of all types and sizes. Let us help you protect your investment.

Power Purchase Agreements

You can use a PPA to add a Minnesota solar system to your facility without capital investment or ongoing maintenance costs.

Commercial Solar Panels in Minnesota for The Environment

RAR Energy designs, builds, installs, and services commercial solar power systems in Minnesota and provides energy-efficient lighting solutions throughout Minnesota. We offer a comprehensive range of customized clean energy commercial solutions, be it engineering, procurement, or construction services. We have successfully completed more than 500 solar projects of all kinds and sizes. We are from Minnesota so getting along with people is our nature. We are not here to “sell” solar. Our focus is on you and the bright future of our planet.
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Benefits of Installing Commercial Solar Panel Systems in Minnesota

The right time to avail benefits of commercial building solar panels in Minnesota is now. Why? Its costs have dropped by 77% with improved quality and quick payback over time. Additionally, the solar panels we design comes with a 25 years warranty. Here are more reasons to explore our services as a commercial solar installer in MN.

Stronger ROI over up to 25+ years.

Benefit from immediate tax benefits (tax credits, accelerated depreciation, bonuses, and performance-based incentives)

Increased value of your property

One step ahead from your competition to corporate sustainability

Build brand name and earn customer loyalty by supporting environmental causes with our recognized company

Become independent from limited energy resources

Enjoy power by saying no to non-renewable resources and rising power costs.

Reduce carbon footprint and conserve valuable natural resources

Have fun saving at the Consumption and Production

Make a Difference by Opting For Industrial Solar Panels in MN and Other Sustainable Building Initiatives

We are proud to work with Minnesota cities, towns, and municipalities to develop custom solar systems. We know how important clean energy investments are to our state. We guide you through the process of solar energy.

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Make a Difference by Opting For Industrial Solar Panels in MN and Other Sustainable Building Initiatives

We address evolving solar energy technologies and green building opportunities, financing, and regulatory issues and apply our expertise, technical rigor, and expertise to any project, from residential solar projects to large-scale commercial installations.