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RAR energy provides innovative solar power systems and energy storage for your homes, business, and farms.

The average Minneapolis homeowner does not have to worry about power and energy usage with reliable solar panel installation in Minneapolis. We are trusted among many energy companies in Minneapolis. Solar power systems increase the resale value of a home. Buyers prefer sustainable energy sources when looking for a home. Solar energy does not only save money. Statistics show that you can expect to increase the value of your home by about four times the amount you spend on new solar panels.

By using solar panels while living in a house, you can reduce your monthly electricity bill. Using a free energy source like the sun to power Minneapolis apartment buildings would reduce reliance on grid power, resulting in lower utility bills.

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Solar energy is a renewable energy source and that is the most significant advantage of solar panels among all its other advantages. Moreover, solar energy systems normally don’t require a lot of maintenance. Our expertise, technical rigor, and ingenuity for everything from residential solar panels to large-scale commercial installations address evolving solar energy technologies and green building opportunities, as well as financing and regulatory issues.

Your House is the place where the real comfort is. Enjoy life along with saving energy in a solar-powered house that never runs out of electricity.

As in business, we always seek to reduce costs and increase profit margins. Solar power, a distributive power generating technology, is a great solution to cut back on utility demands during peak energy use.

Farms and agricultural enterprises should now turn toward solar energy, which will undoubtedly diminish the cost of electricity. Think about these issues as you decide what is best for you and your farm.

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We start with conducting a site survey, evaluating existing technology, and identifying system problems and areas for improvement. It helps you to consider your final choice of solar panel, including size, performance, type, and aesthetics.

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We complete the documentation of existing equipment and review bills to identify energy savings opportunities with a computer-aided design program and create a detailed schematic of what the solar system will look like.


We identify appropriate energy storage and battery backup options and lighting projected energy savings with 90% accuracy, applicable tax benefits, and rebate and subsidy opportunities at all levels (local, state, and federal).


We design and program system control and monitoring, obtain permits and manage projects to go live with the system with solar audits.


We test and optimize system functionality and monitor usage on a monthly basis. In fact, we provide production and consumption monitors to evaluate the performance of the pulse of your solar system.

Operation and Maintenance

Our services are bounded by support agreements to protect your investment and maximize your return on investment.

Solar value chain has become necessary to support PV market’s.

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Our business is dedicated to providing the best customer services and solar goods on the market. We provide trustworthy, state-of-the-art energy solutions that help you become less dependent on the primary energy grid and the primary object, which is to minimize your electricity costs and carbon impact.

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